D.A. Wood Inc. - History
D.A. Wood Inc. - History
We are dedicated to service and strive for excellence.  We do what it takes to get the job done.


D.A. Wood Construction, Inc. was founded in December of 1999 by Danny A. Wood, Jr. The Company began with one truck, one backhoe and Danny, Jr. as the operator. In June of 2000 Dan Wood, Sr. joined the team and the company's strong foundation was formed.

Dan Wood, Sr.'s experience can be tracked as far back as the early 1960's. Dan, Sr. was employed by three of Northern California's largest general engineering contractors (Oscar Homes, Homer J. Olson & D.W. Young). Dan, Sr. was actually D.W. Young's first employee and helped grow the company into a top Contractor in the Bay Area's underground construction market.

Danny A. Wood, Jr., was born into the general engineering business. He began working during his school summer vacations for D.W. Young at the age of 15. All of his early experience came from hands on work in every aspect of the field operations beginning as a pipe layer and retiring from the field as an equipment operator. Dan, Jr. obtained his business management knowledge and expertise from positions that he held at both D.W. Young and Preston Pipelines.

The systematic approach and corporate experience of Danny A. Wood, Jr. is the driving force behind the rapid launch of D.A. Wood Construction, Inc.


Today D.A. Wood Construction, Inc. is run based on the same systematic approach and management philosophy that was established in 1999.

Dan, Jr. takes great pride in the reputation that has been built since the company's inception. The company is known for quality service, integrity and safety. The staff has grown from one individual to a successful management team of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals.

The company believes that the solid partnerships that have been forged with municipalities, contractors and developers are what have made D.A. Wood Construction, Inc. the first choice in California Central Valley.


D.A. Wood Construction, Inc. is committed to growth through continued quality service, safety and teamwork. We will strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations. Our customers, employees and the community will share in the benefits of the D.A. Wood attitude of "We do what it takes to get the job done."

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